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Monogram Pumpkin

Monogram Pumpkin
Monogram Pumpkin

During Halloween 2012, a ‘pottery painting’ studio offered a groupon deal for painting a ‘monogram pumpkin’, reflective of  ‘harvest’ season; and I seized the opportunity! 😉 It was a great experience to transform a plain ‘white’ piece of pottery into something vibrant, colorful, glazed and creative!

Upon entering the studio, I was asked to pick a plain white tile and choose few acrylic paint colors of my choice. Then I sat down with other enthusiastic painters and the instructor went ahead with her instructions. This was my end result! 😉


1) She first gave us a pumpkin shaped sticker and few circle stickers to stick on the plain white tile. I pasted the pumpkin sticker at the center and the circles around the tile.

2) I painted the entire tile with yellow acrylic paint, and also, over the pasted stickers. Allowed it to dry and applied second and third coats.

3) I removed the pumpkin sticker and carefully painted the entire pumpkin with orange acrylic paint, making sure not to mess the corners and edges. Repeated the coats.

4) Repeated step 4 for circles, which I painted white acrylic paint.

5) Drew an outline of the stalk of pumpkin with green sharpie and painted it green acrylic paint.

6) Now, for the monogram on the pumpkin, I chose letter ‘P’ . She gave me a tracer sheet with cursive letter ‘P’ on it, which I traced with ball point pen, at the middle of the pumpkin. I then painted the alphabet with black acrylic paint.

7) Voila! My ‘monogram pumpkin painting’ was complete!

8) The studio later fires your painting to give it a glossy finish. So, she asked me collect it after a week!


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