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Panama City Beach!

July 4th holiday is usually an animated day, with all the fun, furor, sparkling fireworks, holiday, etc. But unfortunately, July 4th was on Thursday this year. But, this didn’t dampen our spirits, as we applied leave on Friday to enjoy the scintillating and mesmerizing Panama beach from July 4th, thursday to July 7th, Sunday.

Road Trip: We hate going on long drives due to discomfort, backache, patience and pain involved. We usually fly every time. But this time, we decided to drive along with our friend’s family. On July 4th, Thursday, at 8:30 AM CST, we started off on a road trip to Panama City.  Driving through heavy rain,the whole day, our car followed our friend’s car and vice versa through amazing scenery, villages and  fields; taking pit stops, in between to refill gas and munch on some snacks and lunch.

“Road under water” signs were placed all along the way, just 60 miles before we reached the destination. We drove 30 miles, on the road which had these signs, thinking, it is just under water, but it is not closed. But, to our dismay, we were stopped by 2 sherrifs when we were just 10 miles away from Panama City. They informed us that road ahead is closed and we need to drive back 30 miles and take another route on I10.

Man, seriously???? After having driven 30 miles, you are asking us to go back and take another route? Why wasn’t this communicated earlier?!!!

Finally, we reached Panama city, despite all the detours, road blocks, driving around in circles in heavy rain and arriving 4 hours late.  Our friend had booked a premium condo and regular condo at Hotel Wyndham, which was housed on the Panama beach. We could enter the beach, through the back door of the hotel. Our condo had a huge full-fledged kitchen with utensils and appliances, and we had taken the necessary ingredients and food items for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner during our stay! When we stepped out into our balcony, we had a mesmerizing view of Panama beach. It was still raining, clouds were dark and sea was rough. We were tired after the long 12 hours drive, so we decided to chill out and relax. We were privileged to watch the July 4th fireworks on the beach, from our condo’s balcony!!

Next day, despite the cloudy sky and rain, we headed out to enjoy the beach. Having donned swimming costumes, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and equipped with beach mat, umbrella, basket and swim gears, we entered the beach through the back door of our hotel. We started riding the waves; swimming; laying on sand under the sun; letting the cold wave touch our feet; building sand castles; capturing fun moments at the beach and most importantly, chilling out and having a blast! The sea was getting rough every minute, and cops were patrolling, announcing and asking us to get out of water, but we turned deaf ears to all their pleas. 😉 😉

Every day of our stay at Panama beach, this became a routine. 😉 How I wish I could stay like this forever, sans all the work pressure and stressful life!

Finally, it was time to leave Panama city. 😦 It was time to get back to reality 😦 With heavy heart, but lovely memories of Panama beach, we started our way back to our hometown.


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