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Tea for One

'Tea for Two' Pottery Painting

I shared my awesome  ‘Monogram Pumpkin‘ pottery painting experience with my friend. S was excited and wanted to try it too. Since it is always fun to paint with a friend/partner, we both decided to reach the studio at 6pm, one Friday.

We picked up our plain ‘white’ pottery pieces. S picked up a tile and I picked up ‘Tea for one’ pottery, because I had done tile, last time.

We were asked to choose paint brushes, acrylic paints, stamps of various designs, shapes and sizes, stencils, tracing sheets, sponges, pens, sharpies of our choice from the stack.

We chose a comfortable table and laid out all our painting stuffs and began to paint.


I first painted the base with 2-3 coats of white acrylic paint and allowed it to dry. Then, I dipped the flower stamp into red acrylic paint and pressed it hard on the pottery, to get the flower impression. It came out good, so did few more flowers. For the stem, leaves and vines, I drew them free hand and painted them with green acrylic paint, using a thin pointed brush. Allowed it to dry on one side. Repeated the flowers, leaves and vines on the other side. Then, to fill in the entire pot, I started putting dots of different colors all over it. This was the final result! 😉 Me and S had a blast at ‘pottery painting’!


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