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Wall Mural


I bought a groupon for ‘Wall Mural Painting’ class for 3 hours for our family of four. A friend of mine, also bought it, so that our two families could go together and have a blast, painting!

When we went into the studio, we were awestruck by plethora of mural paintings done on all 4 four walls of a room, by all the budding mural artists!

Our guide was a passionate painter himself, bubbling with enthusiasm and had abundant energy. He patiently explained us the process. Surfing the Google images, we were asked to select a picture, which we would like to paint on the wall. This is what we ended up selecting (1) Robin (2) Dove (3) Butterfly (4) Super moon (since it was ‘super moon’ that weekend) 😉

Painting Spree:

'Super Moon' Mural

He later projected these images on the wall, in a dark room, using a projector. We traced these projected wall images using grey paint and drew outlines. After the outlines were done, we went ahead and chose appropriate colors to finish our paintings, to match it with the google images, that we had chosen. We were so engrossed in our paintings that we didn’t realize how we surpassed 3 hours!!

'Butterfly' mural

I painted Robin; P & S painted Super moon; Dove was what N painted; and IB painted Butterfly.
Definitely, it was an enthralling and captivating experience. Given a chance, I would love to do it again.


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