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Scented Candles

20130710-205148.jpgScented candles fill the ambience with aroma and fragrance.They also work great at removing bad odor, cooking/ food smell. I always light a strong scented candle prior to cooking to eliminate bad odor.
I recently developed a fetish for scented candles. Having used scented candles from many years, I decided to give a try at making one. I watched few videos on YouTube to see how it is made. Then, I went to hobby lobby and bought the necessary materials for candle making!
Here, I will explain how to make “scented candles” in easy steps:

Materials Needed:

Candle wax
Fragrance of your choice
Candle containers
Double boiler
Super glue
Clips for holding the wicks in place

1) Pour the candle wax into the double boiler and allow the wax to melt completely into a liquid.


2) After it has completely liquidified, add fragrance to the liquid and pour the liquid into the glass container, containing the wick. Use a clip to hold the wick in place, while pouring the liquid


3) Allow it to solidify and voila! Your scented candle is ready!!


Ain’t it easy??? Do try it and let me know what you think!!

I made few scented candles with the following flavors: (1) Rose (2) Sandalwood (3) Peppermint (4) Jasmine (5) Lime

Scented Candles
Scented Candles

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