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Wonder Works, Orlando

Wonder Works
Wonder Works

September 2nd, 2013 – On our way to the airport, we decided to do a pit-stop at “Wonder Works“, an interactive science museum that has exhibits, that marvels all age groups.

An “upside down” building, that is marvelous and stunning! It houses a plethora of science models, experiments and fun rides. A place where “science” and “technology” come ALIVE!

Few attractions that you shouldn’t miss at “Wonder Works” are:

1) Zero Gravity Chamber – Experience what “Zero Gravity” feels like!

2) Earthquake Cafe – Ever experienced the “Earthquake”? You can get a demo of how it feels to experience an earthquake measuring 6.0 on Ritcher’s scale in this set up.

3) Tornado– experience a tornado in this chamber.

4) Human lightning rod – you wear a glove and touch the lightning rod to generate lightning!

4) Bed Of Nails – Got the nerve to sleep on the bed of real nails?

5) Shadow Capture – You can capture your own shadow! isn’t it freaking awesome?

6) Beheaded ! – Get beheaded (for photograph) at this chamber!

and many more such fascinating science models, experiments and chambers!

You need to visit “Wonder Works” to experience “science”!!


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Sea World, Orlando

Sea World was on our itinerary this time, because we had missed it during our last Orlando trip in 2010.

Thanks to AirTran and Southwest merger, Southwest was offering round trip tickets for “direct flight” to Orlando at a dirt-cheap price of $190 per person ($93 one way and $97 return way). We seized this golden opportunity in time and booked our flight tickets for our 5 day vacation to Orlando from Aug 29th,2013,Thursday to September 2nd,2013, Monday (accumulating long weekend). We also booked tickets to Sea World, online for just $50.

Sea World was first on our itinerary. Our flight landed in Orlando at 3 PM and obtained the keys to our “rental car” at the airport. Having entered the address of “Sea World” on “google maps” on my iphone, I became the navigator, calling out directions. We reached “Sea World” in 20 minutes.

Shamu Stadium
Shamu Stadium

The main attraction in “Sea World” is “Shamu [whales] Show“at “Shamu Stadium“. The next show was scheduled to start at 4 PM. We reached “Shamu Stadium” on time and it was packed!! If you are a kind of person, who enjoys water being splashed by whales during the show, then, the first four rows of seats in the stadium are especially made for you! Since, we carried our digital cameras, we decided not to take that risk and seated ourselves in 5th row at the center of stadium.

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