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Road Trip to ATLANTA

photo 27/25/2014, Friday – It is always fun to load your car trunk with your baggage and hit the road, traversing through scenic landscapes, infinite blue sky, boundless highways and roads, and also witnessing sunset/sunrise over horizon. Some long drives exceeding for more than 8 hours are usually strenuous. However, a 6 hour road trip to Atlanta with two drivers alternating for three hours is absolute fun! Having returned from work at 6PM on 7/25/2014, Friday, we loaded our BMW X5’s trunk with our baggages, dinner boxes, snacks, water bottles and camera kit. Sitting in the driver’s seat, and buckling my seat belt, keying in the destination address on the car’s GPS, I turned on the ignition  to drive the first part of the destination: BIRMINGHAM. We decided to take US 78 and I 22 to Birmingham. Since Birmingham was just 3 hours drive from our hometown and en-route to ATLANTA, we decided to sleep over at Birmingham on Friday night. It was a great drive spanning the picturesque mountains, valleys, lake, outstretched blue sky, never-ending long roads, wide spread stretch of trees, and beautiful sunset. We reached Birmingham at 9:30 PM. Famished and tired, we checked-in to our hotel “Comfort Inn”. It was a spacious room with two queen size beds, including amenities like television, microwave and fridge; and was large enough to comfortably accommodate our family of four. We relished the dinner that we had brought from home. Setting the alarm for next morning, we hit the bed to get good night’s sleep before the 3 hour journey from Birmingham to Atlanta, that was ahead of us the next day.

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Loving my FITBIT!


FITBIT– It’s a new fitness fad! People love wearing this hued band around their wrist which enables them to monitor their steps, calories, movements, sleep et al. Its a fun way to consciously keep track of your day to day activities and also easy way to be fit and healthy.

On December 18th,2013, I was introduced to FITBIT by my husband. FITBIT was one among the other gifts that I received on my birthday,from my husband! Yes! Crazy birthday gift, I know! 🙂 Initially, I hated to wear this new band around my wrist. It reminded me of CIA/FBI using RFID tags on criminals to monitor them. But, as the days passed by, I began to understand its usefulness and how it can facilitate me to stay fit. If you are a seasoned FITBIT user, you definitely love watching your FITBIT stats frequently throughout the day (At least I do! 🙂 ), competing with your friends for highest number of steps, miles walked, calories burned, active minutes, and also love watching all the lights of your FITBIT glow and feel your band vibrate when you have reached your daily goal! These things are what motivates me to wear FITBIT everyday!

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Sunsets are always gorgeous to watch. Those lovely hues of purple, red, orange, yellow, pink blended to perfection leaves you awestruck!
It is always enticing to see how beautiful nature is at several times of the day & be lost in its captivating beauty and tranquility.
I am not an early bird, so I don’t get to experience gorgeous sunrises. But, I had the opportunity to witness marvelous sunsets!
Summers in US facilitate you to experience beautiful sunsets, because sun sets mostly after 8PM. You will have ample window of time to witness and rave about it.
Here are few pictures of sunsets which I snapped at various occasions.






Early Morning Hike

Wolf river Greenway Trail
Wolf river Greenway Trail

I have never been a person who ties up her shoe lace and heads into the woods to strain her calf muscles for the hiking pleasure, which a lot of people rave about.Last week, I had the very first hike of my life at “Dogwood trail”, Lake Ouachita State Park, Arkansas. It was an easy trail which was 1/2 mile long. I was enchanted by marvelous woods, chirping birds, breezy winds and an overall awesome hiking experience. That was my first hike and I absolutely loved it!

Having returned to my hometown, I desired to pursue hiking. We did some research on trails around our home and came across “Wolf River Greenway Trail”. It was just 10 minutes away from home and had great reviews. We decided to try hiking this trail.
On July 4th,2014 being US Independence Day and a holiday, at 7:15 am we set out to Wolf River Greenway trail. We parked our car at the entrance of the trail and commenced our mesmerizing hiking adventure. We hiked amidst the woods in  gorgeous weather. The trail was stupendous with tall and shady trees, curvy path, ups and downs to provide me the necessary inclines and declines, river on left, creek on the right, bikers riding their bikes and calling out to the hikers to watch out; and the hikers obviously enjoying their hike. We hiked 4 miles for a duration of an hour and a half. It was a delightful experience. We decided to hike every weekend from here on!

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Hot Springs, Arkansas

View from our room
View from our room

We desired to spend a relaxing July 4th long weekend, away from our hectic work schedule and busy life- a weekend of leisure, rest and fun and zeroed in on “Hot Springs, Arkansas”.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a room for July 4th long weekend, as every lake front cabin and hotel room was booked for that weekend!

We changed our initial plan and decided to visit Hot Springs during June 28th weekend instead. Luckily, we were able to find a lake front room in “Lookout Point Lakeside Inn”. Having read some raving reviews about this inn, we booked the “Possum Grape” room with lake view. The rooms of this inn range from $262 to $500 per night, but it is totally worth your money! 🙂

If you are a BMW owner, you can also avail 25% discount for each day on the room at this inn. You need to inform them during booking and provide them with your BMW certificate when you check-in.


Name Address Phone # Price Website Link
Lookout Point Lakeside Inn 104 Lookout Circle
Hot Springs, AR 71913
501-525-6155 $262-$500 per night

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