Early Morning Hike

Wolf river Greenway Trail
Wolf river Greenway Trail

I have never been a person who ties up her shoe lace and heads into the woods to strain her calf muscles for the hiking pleasure, which a lot of people rave about.Last week, I had the very first hike of my life at “Dogwood trail”, Lake Ouachita State Park, Arkansas. It was an easy trail which was 1/2 mile long. I was enchanted by marvelous woods, chirping birds, breezy winds and an overall awesome hiking experience. That was my first hike and I absolutely loved it!

Having returned to my hometown, I desired to pursue hiking. We did some research on trails around our home and came across “Wolf River Greenway Trail”. It was just 10 minutes away from home and had great reviews. We decided to try hiking this trail.
On July 4th,2014 being US Independence Day and a holiday, at 7:15 am we set out to Wolf River Greenway trail. We parked our car at the entrance of the trail and commenced our mesmerizing hiking adventure. We hiked amidst the woods in  gorgeous weather. The trail was stupendous with tall and shady trees, curvy path, ups and downs to provide me the necessary inclines and declines, river on left, creek on the right, bikers riding their bikes and calling out to the hikers to watch out; and the hikers obviously enjoying their hike. We hiked 4 miles for a duration of an hour and a half. It was a delightful experience. We decided to hike every weekend from here on!

I stopped numerous times to appreciate the enticing nature and capture pictures.

It helped me add 8000+ steps on my fitbit and burn more than 1000 calories in just 90 minutes!!

Workout + Pleasure = Bliss!
Who wouldn’t love that?!


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