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Pillow Sham

 Pillow Sham
Pillow Sham

Pillow Shams are beautiful and easy to use. Anytime, you can just remove,  put them to wash, change them according to your new furniture, etc. They are also easier to sew. Having bought a new sew machine, I had a penchant to learn sewing. It is always fun to sew your own clothes, handbags,purses, home decor and various other accessories. Pinterest, YouTube and numerous blogs available on the internet helped me to create this very FIRST Sewing Project of mine! 🙂


1) Measure the length and width of your pillow. Cut a front piece from your fabric, measuring the exact length and width of your pillow. (My pillow measured 15″ X 15″. So, I cut my front piece measuring exactly 15″ x 15″). Then, cut two back pieces measuring the same length, but  width= half the width + 2 inches. (My pillow measured 15″X 15″ , half of breadth is 7.5″ , so I added 2″ inches to the width= 9.5″). I cut two back pieces measuring 15″ X 9.5″ each.

2) Using 1/4th of seam allowance, sew the raw edges of the two back pieces separately.

3) With right sides facing down, place the front piece down and the two back pieces over the front piece, overlapping each other. Pin all the four corners to avoid shifting of fabric while sewing.

4) Sew all the four corners.

5) Invert the right sides to face upwards.

6) Your Pillow Sham is ready!

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