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iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve
iPad Sleeve

I decided to sew a cute looking “iPad Sleeve” for my iPad Mini. It was a 2 hour easy project and I am very pleased with the result. 🙂
Materials needed:
1/2 yard of outer Fabric
1/2 yard of inner fabric
1/2 yard of fusible interface
Velcro (optional)
A fancy button (optional)

A) Sewing the Sleeve:
1) iPad Mini’s dimensions are 5.5″ x 8″. I added extra 1 inch each to allow buffer. So, I cut:
2 pieces of outer fabric with dimensions 6.5″x 9″
2 pieces of inner fabric with dimensions 6.5″x9″
2 pieces of fusible interface with dimensions 6.5″x9″.
2) Lay down one piece of fusible interface on the table with sticky side facing up. On this, place one piece of outer fabric with right side facing up. Iron the outer fabric, and fusible interface will stick to the outer fabric. Repeat the same thing with another piece of outer fabric and fusible interface. Keep them aside.

3) Lay down one piece outer fabric (that was created in above step) with right side facing up. On this, place one piece of  inner fabric with right side facing down. Pin all the corners so the fabric doesn’t shift. Sew the top edge of this placement. Repeat with the second piece. (Figure 1,2,3)

4) Flip the fabrics over the stitch, as shown and place the two pieces (that were sewed in previous step) on top of each other, so that both the outer fabrics are on one side and both the inner fabrics are on the opposite side, facing each other, forming a huge rectangle. Pin all around. (Figure 4,5,6,7,8)

5) Start to sew at the middle of lowest corner of the rectangle, towards the left edge and sew all around the rectangle. But when you reach the lowest right edge,  sew until the corner, leaving 2″ gap between the lower right edge and middle of the lowest edge. DO NOT SEW THIS PART. You will need this gap to pull inside out. (Figure 9)

Figure 9
Figure 9

6) Using the 2″ gap (that you had allowed in previous step), insert your two fingers all the way inside and slowly and gently pull entire fabric inside out. Sew the 2″ gap that was allowed in previous step and put the inner fabric inside the outer fabric. Neatly push all the edges to form a nice sleeve. If you have done this correctly, now your outer fabric will be on the outside, and inner fabric will be on the inside. Iron it. (Figure 10,11,12,13,14,15)

7) Your sleeve is now ready!

B) Sleeve Flap with Velcro and fancy button (optional)
1) Cut one piece of 5″x5″ outer fabric, 2.5″ x2.5″ of fusible interface. Placing the fusible interface in the middle of 5″x5″ outer fabric and iron it so that the interface sticks to the outer fabric. Hem the raw edges all around. This is the flap for the sleeve.

2) Measure exactly the center of the back of the sleeve and place this flap. Sew the flap onto the back of the sleeve.

3) Cut a small piece of Velcro measuring the top edge of the flap and sew it onto the top of the flap. Sew the base of the Velcro on the front side of the sleeve, so that the velcro closes the other one perfectly.

4) Place the fancy button in the middle of the closed flap in the front of the sleeve and hand sew the button.

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