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Mini Boxy Zipper Purse

Mini Boxy Zipper Purse
Mini Boxy Zipper Purse

Yesterday night, I completed my third project: “Boxy Zipper Purse“! This one took me two hours too.

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard of outer Fabric
1/2 yard of inner fabric
1/2 yard of fusible interface
9 ” zipper


1) You can take any dimensions for your boxy purse. I took:

2 pieces of outer fabric measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″,

2 pieces of inner fabric measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″,

2 pieces of fusible interface measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″

2) Lay down one piece of fusible interface on the table with sticky side facing up. On this, place one piece of outer fabric with right side facing up. Iron the outer fabric, and fusible interface will stick to the outer fabric. Repeat the same thing with another piece of outer fabric and fusible interface. Keep them aside. (Figure 1 shows fusible interface and outer pieces ready to be ironed)

Figure 1
Figure 1

3) Lay down one piece of outer fabric with right side facing up. On it, place the zipper with teeth facing down. Then, place one piece of inner fabric with right side facing down. Pin all round. Take this to the sew machine, feel the zipper teeth with your fingers and sew exactly above the zipper teeth. DO NOT SEW ON THE ZIPPER TEETH! (Figure 2,3,4)

4) After the above step, one side of the zip will be sandwiched between the outer and inner fabrics and will look like this: (Figure 5)

Figure 5

5) Now, you will need to sew the other part of the zip to the other two pieces of outer and inner fabric as well.

6) Lay down the other piece of outer fabric with right side facing up. Now you need to place the zip, just like you did in step 3. So, take the piece that was created in step 3 (a zip sandwiched between a outer fabric and inner fabric) and place it over the outer fabric with zipper teeth facing down. On this, place the other piece of inner fabric with right side facing down.  (Figure 6) . 

Figure 6
Figure 6

7) Pin all corners and again sew above the zipper teeth. (Figure 7)

Figure 7
Figure 7

8) After you’re done, your piece should like this on either side: (Figure 8, 9).  Iron both sides of the fabric. Leaving 1/2 ” seam allowance,  “top stitch” on the outer fabric on either side of the zip.

9) With outer fabrics facing each other inside, bring the raw edges of inner fabrics together and zigzag only the side opposite to the zip. (Figure 10)

Figure 10
Figure 10

10) Fold it, so that your zipper is in the middle. Open the zip halfway. Overlap the opened corners of the zip on each other, pin it . Leaving 1/2 ” seam allowance, sew the raw sides of the piece. Cut off the extra pieces of the zip.(Figure 11, 12)

11) Using a pencil, draw along the edges of the four sides of this rectangle. Pop out one side, fold it into a small triangle.  You will see a traced line appearing from top of the the triangle. Using this as reference, with a scale, draw a small line at the base of this traced line and perpendicular to it. Sew over this line. Repeat the same for all the four edges. Then, cut all the four raw edges. These will give the square bottom to your purse. (Unfortunately, I forgot taking pictures for this part )

12) Turn your piece inside out so that the outer fabric is outside. Voila! You just sewed a cute “Mini Boxy Zipper Purse” for yourself! 🙂

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