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The Vacationers – Book Review

The VacationersTitle: The Vacationers

Author: Emma Straub

Rating: 3/5

Review: This is a perfect read for the “beach” or during any “vacation”. The story begins with the Posts  family all set for their vacation to Mallorca along with their friends. Jim and Franny are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. Their son Bobby arrives to vacation with his girlfriend who is 10 years older to him. Franny’s best friend Charles is a happily married to Lawrence and are gay couple. Jim and Franny’s daughter Sylvia is all set to go to college. Her current goal is to lose her virginity. The story starts with DAY 1 and ends with DAY 14 of their stay in Spain.  Each chapter, a new secret unfolds. Starts off as a happy vacation, but as secrets of everyone begin to unfolds paving way to dysfunctional relationships. Jim, despite happily married to Franny had sex with an intern at office,(who is almost the age of his own daughter). This illicit relationship has already caused a wreck in his marriage, which he fears it will end. Franny’s best friend Charles has been on her side during her good and bad times, and still on her side supporting her to make a good decision over her wrecked marriage. But Charles has a secret of his own! He also had an illicit gay relationship with another guy before he became serious with Lawrence. Charles and Lawrence are all set to start a new family and are looking for adopting a baby to complete their family. Sylvia is all set to lose her virginity and has a secret crush on her Spanish tutor Juan. Bobby is not sure about his relationship with older girlfriend Carmen, and also cheats on her at the pub in Spain. Bobby has a debt of $158,000 which is hesitant to ask his family’s favor for. Carmen is a personal trainer at gym and is serious about her relationship with Bobby. She does everything under the sun to impress Bobby’s family, but all she gets in return is “rolling eyes”, scorns, hatred etc. 

Jim finally makes up with his wife and saves his marriage. Carmen summons courage and breaks up with Bobby. Sylvia loses her virginity to Juan the night before they return to New York. Charles and Lawrence complete their family.



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