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Monogram Tote

Monogram Totes
Monogram Totes

Tried my hand at sewing a “Mongram Tote” and ended up making two – one for my mom, the other for my mother-in-law!

You can find easy and great tutorials on Pinterest, crafts blogs and YouTube.

I found one on Pinterest!

Here’s is how I did it!

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard of outer fabric. I used Duck fabric for sturdiness.

1 yard of inner fabric.I used Duck fabric for sturdiness.

Fusible fleece

Monogram letters

Bow (optional)

Ribbon (Optional)


1) Cut 2 pieces of outer fabric measuring 18 X 18 inches. Same with fusible fleece.

2) Cut 2 pieces of inner fabric measuring 18 x 18 inches

3) For handles – cut 4 pieces, measuring 3x 22 inches

Let’s Sew!

1) Take one piece of outer fabric, place it over rough side of fusible fleece, with right side of fabric facing up. Iron it well, so that fusible fleece sticks perfectly to the wrong side of outer fabric. Repeat with the other piece of outer fabric.

2) Place the two outer fabrics with right sides facing each other. Sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance on both the sides and the bottom. DO NOT SEW on the top! (Refer Pictures 1,2,3).

When done, turn the fabric inside out.

3) Repeat Step 2 with two pieces of inner fabric and turn it inside out. (Pictures 4,5,6)

4) Similarly, take two pieces of handles, with right sides facing each other and sew along the longer raw edges with 1/4 inch seam allowance and flip the inside out. (Pictures 7.8).

Repeat the same for the other two handle pieces. Your two handles are now ready!

5) Now let’s make square bases for our tote! Its little hard to explain, so please bear with me.

Grab the outer bag piece and pop out one corner of the base to get a pointy edge. From the pointy edge, measure 2 inches and draw a line parallel to the edge. Sew on this line. Repeat on other side too. Flip the bag inside out. (Picture 9,10,11)

Repeat the same with inner bag.

5A) When you are done, this is how your outer and inner bags with square bases will look like!

6) Sewing the handles:  On the outer bag with right side facing out, measure 4 inches from top left corner. Place one handle and pin it. Repeat the same with top right corner and place another handle. Pin both the handles to their places.

Sew with 7/8th seam allowance. (Pictures 12)

Picture 12
Picture 12

7) Now, place this outer bag with right side facing out, inside the inner bag, with right side facing in. (Picture 13)

Picture 13
Picture 13

8) Starting with the top left corner, measure 1/2 inch seam allowance, pin the top edge of the bag, leaving the gap between the handles on the top. DO NOT SEW in this GAP! We need it to turn the bag inside out. (Pictures 14,15,16)

9) Turn the bag inside out! This is how it should look like. Push the inner bag into the outer bag and sew on the GAP that you had left in Step 8! (Pictures 16,17)

10) Now, take the Monogram letter , place it on your desired area on the tote. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and iron it. You can even sew on the edges of the monogram letter to make it sit perfectly in place!

Voila! Your Tote is now ready! Enjoy flaunting it! 😉

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