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Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Castle

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida houses numerous Disney based theme parks like Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios. This is probably the biggest and oldest Disney World. Disneyland in Europe and in California are much smaller than Disney World in Orlando, Florida and they just have a single park, but the one in Walt Disney World, Orlando has 4 Disney themed parks.

Disney’s MAGIC KINGDOM is definitely a “DREAM COME TRUE” to all the WALT DISNEY fanatics! Be it a toddler, a teenager, a adolescent or an adult, it is a scintillating experience! The moment you set your foot inside this park, you will be mesmerized. Kids go bonkers.Probably it was more exciting for me because I grew up watching cartoons of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, chip and Dale, Pluto etc. “Cinderella Castle” is every girl’s dream destination!

Disney's Magic Express
Disney’s Magic Express

In 2011, few years after our wedding, we were travel-bugged! We planned numerous trips to various places in the US. I always wanted to visit Disney World. We zeroed in on Walt Disney resorts for our stay.  We were picked up from the airport by DISNEY MAGIC EXPRESS, a bus service that was provided by Walt Disney resorts. Walt Disney resort is a gigantic resort which houses plethora of Disney theme hotels. Disney Magic Express dropped us off to our destination: TOY STORY themed resort. Additional advantage of staying at Walt Disney Resorts is the frequency of buses plying every 10 minutes to and fro from the resort to any of the Disney parks like Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios etc. This is definitely a boon for people who hate driving around in circles in a new place in their rental cars! Staying at this resort was a great experience! It was expensive, but was definitely worth it!

We loved “Magic Kingdom” so much that we ended up visiting it three times already in the span of past 5 years! We even took our parents and in laws on the last two visits and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience! 🙂

The next morning, we had our delicious breakfast at the resort and set out to our first park : Magic Kingdom. We boarded a Disney bus, just outside the resort to travel to Magic Kingdom. We reached Magic Kingdom. The moment we set our foot inside the park, it was an enchanting experience. You will seriously feel the magic in the air, butterflies in your tummy, this insane rush of excitement through your veins and feel like you are in some dream world! Trust me, I felt ALL of this the moment I set my foot there!

Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle: The Main Street leads towards the Cinderella Castle. There are restaurants, gift shops and eateries on either side of this street. We held hands and walked through that street living every bit of this moment. The tall, gorgeous and magical Cinderella Castle stood there, beckoning all its visitors towards it! We were surrounded by excited screams, squeals, joy and enthusiasm of all the visitors. People went crazy snapping selfies and pictures of the castle.

There are numerous shows and parades that take place near the castle. Make sure you have a road map to look into for the timings of these shows. Some of the best shows are: “Disney’s Musical show” at the castle; “Move it, Shake it, Party it” Parade at Main street; “Disney’s Electric Parade” at Main Street; and finally, the much awaited “Fireworks at Cinderella Castle”!

Tip: There is also an opportunity to dine inside the Cinderella Castle. But you need to book that six months in advance. They usually have a lucky draw daily, in which they pick a name and that person along with his family gets an opportunity to dine inside the Castle! Ain’t that exciting?! If you are planning to visit Cinderella Castle anytime, make sure you bear this in mind 🙂

“Disney’s Musical Show” – All the Disney characters starting from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Pirates, Princesses, Witches come LIVE every 30 minutes to put up a 10 minute show for the crazy Disney fans at the Cinderella Castle. The theme of this show is “DREAMS COME TRUE”! It was a beautiful show. The visitors crazily shot pictures and videos of their favorite characters. At the end of the show, you will be encouraged and intimidated to scream “DREAMS COME TRUE” along with the rest of the Disney brigade!

Move It, Shake It, Party It! – Around 5 pm everyday, this parade happens at Main Street, right in front of the Cinderella Castle. All the Disney characters parade in their theme based float, with loud music pumping, which will make you go weak in your knees, and surrender  this magical experience! You find yourself involuntarily fist pumping, jumping, dancing, squealing, squeaking, hooting, crazily yelling and waving to your favorite character in the parade! There is a segment in this parade, where they stop and pull children into the street to dance with them. Kids went bonkers!

“Electric Parade” – As the night grows darker, this parade comes to life! All of your favorite characters and princesses in themed floats lit with mesmerizing electric lights. It was truly a great sight to watch!

“Fireworks at Cinderella Castle” – Brace yourself to this truly awesome, enchanting, magical, splendid, marvelous, mesmerizing (insert your own adjective) moment of the evening – The FIREWORKS! You should NEVER leave “Magic Kingdom” without experiencing this 30 minutes of jaw-dropping fireworks. The Cinderella Castle goes ballistic with music, changes colors, and graphics in order  to co-ordinate with the most amazing fireworks!!

Ain’t this truly a MAGICAL place to be?!


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