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Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2014!

Baked Cauliflower
Baked Cauliflower

Thanksgiving – It is the time of the year to be THANKFUL for EVERYTHING that you have in your life – your family, friends, loved ones, job, career, good fortune, good life! Families host the Thanksgiving Lunch with their loved ones, bake Turkey and other delicious food , sit and eat together, thereby spending quality time.

Being gazillion miles away from our homeland INDIA,  it is impossible to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. A bunch of close friends decided to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US! 😉

One friend decided to host “Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch” at her home. Potluck lunch is where everyone gets to bring in a food item of their choice to share with their friends. This setup removes unnecessary burden on the host to cook variety of food items for everyone.

To celebrate Thanksgiving with a Twist, we zeroed in on cooking Indian cuisine. Since all of us were Vegetarians, we ended up cooking vegetarian food.

Thanksgiving is no fun sans the Turkey! In order to compensate for the real turkey, P found some “Baked Cauliflower” recipe on Pinterest.

Having followed the instructions aptly, P ended up baking Cauliflower – a replacement for Turkey! 🙂

I am sure PETA will be so proud of us! 🙂

P used two baked Cauliflowers and placed it one below the other to make it resemble a Turkey! Ain’t it creative?! Thanks Pinterest!

I will update the recipe on my blog soon. In the meanwhile, this is how our “Baked Cauliflower – a replacement for Turkey” looked like!

Baked Cauliflower
Baked Cauliflower

Each one of our friends ended up making Indian food for appetizer, main course, sides and dessert. I picked appetizer. Using Puff Pastry Sheets, I stuffed the sauteed vegetables (sprinkled with salt and pepper) into it and baked in the oven for couple of minutes. Recipe will be updated soon! 🙂

When our lunch table was laid out, it looked something like this!

Our Thanksgiving Menu:

Appetizers – Veggie Puffs

Main courses: Idlies (Rice cakes), Colored Rice, Yogurt Rice

Sides: Sambhar (Indian Soup), Chutney

Desserts – Payasam (Indian Pudding) and cupcakes!

Indian Food for Thanksgiving
Indian Food for Thanksgiving

Everything tasted lip smacking! We gathered around the fireplace, comfortably settling down on the sofa and relished the meal with good friends!


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