Christmas · FESTIVALS

Pre-Christmas Party!

P’s Vice President throws a “Pre-Christmas” party at her place every year! That is her sweet way of thanking her team for all the hard work and success throughout the year. It was on December 13th, Saturday this year! As always, it was a great party! Had loads of fun meeting P’s colleagues and their families, binged on yummy food, had interesting conversations, played “Secret Santa”, also P had a chance to play Billiards. He loved it so much, that he ended up ordering one for us 🙂

Secret Santa – A game played during holiday season. Every one needs to bring a wrapped gift worth less than $20. Everyone gets to pick a number. The person will the number 1 starts the game by choosing a wrapped gift and opening it. The next person who has number 2 can either pick another wrapped gift or steal the gift from Number 1. The game continues and the every person gets to either open a wrapped gift or steal a gift from other person. A gift can be stolen only thrice in the game! I got “Coffee” first, which ended up being stolen from me. Then, I got the “Selfie Stick”, which again got stolen twice from me. I ended up stealing awesome “Shower Speaker” from someone else, which is perfect for our shower 😛



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