Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Year 2015 started on a sad note with sudden demise of my Father-in-law  due to “Sepsis shock”. We lost him on Jan 2nd 2015. P and I went to India to perform his last rites. Usually, we Hindus mourn the death for thirteen days, performing various rituals on each day.

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Science behind Delicious INDIAN Food!

What makes “Indian Food” so delicious?

I recently came across this interesting article on “Washington Post” which explains how researchers at Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur have figured out the math and science behind what makes Indian Food so lip-smacking! They have crunched data on thousands of recipes available on famous chef “”.

Synopsis: Western food comprises of ingredients with overlapping flavors; whereas, in Indian food, the ingredients do not have overlapping flavors, or have minimum overlap in their flavors. Hence, in Indian food, your taste buds can easily sense and differentiate the flavor of each ingredient involved in making a delicious Indian meal!

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Expecting the Expectations

As Humans, it is natural to expect love, care, affection and empathy from our loved ones including family and friends. A child expects unconditional love and affection from parents.; A parent expects his children to acknowledge his sacrifices done for their upbringing; A friend expects her best friend to be there for her always through thick and thin; In marriage, one spouse expects unconditional love, care and support from the other spouse. At work, the boss expects his employee to perform exceptionally well; An employee expects his hard work to be acknowledged and well rewarded.

expectations31Expectation is life’s viscous cycle. All the above mentioned characters have the right to expect what they are expecting. They will be happy as long as their expectations are met. What begins to hurt is when Reality is not equal to their Expectation. This is where life becomes unhappy, unfulfilled and relationships turns sour.

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What’s in the “SYMBOL”?

This is a TRUE STORY which happened few years ago, when we lived in downtown.

Seema and her husband Ravi lived in the same apartment complex, facing the river Mississippi, as ours. Seema was newly married and had just arrived from India. She had no idea about the norms and regulations about living in the US!

Usually, in India, every morning, women clean the front porch of their houses and apply rangoli (designs using chalk powder). It is an age old tradition which has been practiced in India since ages. Having no clue, Seema set out to replicate the same thing in front of her apartment door. For Rangoli design, she drew a Hindu Swastika using red chalk.

Sacred Hindu Swastika
Sacred Hindu Swastika

Swastika has been a sacred auspicious HINDU symbol since eons ago, which symbolizes “Prosperity”, “Sacredness” and “Good fortune”. Co-incidentally, this symbol was used by the Nazi army  which symbolizes “terror”, “hatred” and “death” to the Jews. Nazi influence of this symbol has overshadowed the HINDU influence of this auspicious symbol in the West.

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The Lowland- Book Review

IMG_9403Title: The Lowland

Author: Jhumpa Lahiri

Rating: 5/5


“The Lowland” by #JhumpaLahiri A captivating story of two brothers Subhash and Udayan set in the 1960s during the rise of naxalite movement in West Bengal. Even though Subhash and Udayan resemble each other, they have conflicting personalities. Subhash is silent and subdued; while Udayan is rebellious and demanding. Udayan is against the agrarian culture and is attracted by egalitarian ideologies. He becomes deeply drawn and becomes active member of the uprising naxalite movement and CPIM in Calcutta. Subhash on the other hand, leaves to US for his further studies.

Tragedy strikes their family, when Udayan is killed by paramilitary forces, in front of his parents and pregnant wife Gowri, for his involvement in naxalite movement.Subhash visits India trying to pick up ramshackle pieces of the tragedy that just ripped their family apart. He feels sorry for Gowri and entrusts himself with the responsibility of providing her a good life, by marrying her.

Back in Rhode Island, USA, Subhash selflessly strives his best to provide a great life to Gowri, and her new born daughter Bela, only to be abandoned selfishly by ungrateful Gowri to take up a teaching job in California.

Story emphasizes on Subhash’s sacrifice and selfless life which revolved around providing a great life to woman, who was his brother’s wife; a daughter and grand-daughter who weren’t his.

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The Girl on the Train- Book Review

IMG_9397Title: The Girl on the Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Rating: 4/5


Creepier than “Gone Girl” with unbelievable twist at the end! A regular train commuter gets unknowingly accused in a murder case when she is trying to sort out things with her past; what unfolds later is an unsuspecting murderer who makes your jaw drop!

Story of 3 women whose lives are full of love, hatred, lies, cheating and deceit and how these women are connected to each other by one  common entity!


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Defending Jacob- Book Review

IMG_9398 Title: Defending Jacob

Author: William Landay

Rating: 5/5



A murder mystery thriller revolving around father’s unconditional love for his son, who fights “tooth and nail” for his son, who is indicted in a homicide, believing that his son is innocent.

As the story unwinds and plot thickens, you will be in for great surprises.

Loved the ending! Never expected it!!

William Landay has a new fan now 😉

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Love Story- Book review

IMG_9390 Title: Love Story

Author: Erich Segal

Rating: 5/5


A beautiful love story about Oliver- belonging affluent family, and Jen belonging to working class. Harvard Law student, Oliver falls in love with Jen, a music student at Redcliffe.

They get married against Oliver’s father’s wishes and strive hard to make ends meet in their minimum salary.

A great love story which leaves a message “Love means never having to saying sorry”!