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Gently falls the Bakula-Book Review

IMG_9395 Title: Gently falls the Bakula

Author: Sudha Murthy

Rating: 5/5


“Gently falls the Bakula” by #SudhaMurthy !!

Lovely read! Story of two neighbors Srimati and Srikanth, who excel in their academic, and fall in love with each other. Shrimati is smitten by history and pursues Arts course, despite being a topper at her school, while srikanth pursues his science course in IIT Bombay. They get married despite opposition from srikanth’s mother and his sister. After wedding, Srikanth works hard and climbs up the corporate ladder, but Srimati continues discharging duties of a dutiful wife, forgoing her academic aspirations of PHD in history. Some incidents make her introspect her empty life and she decides to do something about it!

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