Expecting the Expectations

As Humans, it is natural to expect love, care, affection and empathy from our loved ones including family and friends. A child expects unconditional love and affection from parents.; A parent expects his children to acknowledge his sacrifices done for their upbringing; A friend expects her best friend to be there for her always through thick and thin; In marriage, one spouse expects unconditional love, care and support from the other spouse. At work, the boss expects his employee to perform exceptionally well; An employee expects his hard work to be acknowledged and well rewarded.

expectations31Expectation is life’s viscous cycle. All the above mentioned characters have the right to expect what they are expecting. They will be happy as long as their expectations are met. What begins to hurt is when Reality is not equal to their Expectation. This is where life becomes unhappy, unfulfilled and relationships turns sour.

A parent begins to question their own upbringing when a child doesn’t meet their expectation. Conversely, the child starts feeling un-loved when the parent doesn’t express their feelings. A friend is depressed when her best friend doesn’t reciprocate the love and affection. A spouse feels rejected over non-display of unconditional love and support from the significant other. A hard  working employee is frustrated when his hard work isn’t acknowledged and awarded.

Usually it hurts the most when everyone have discharged their duties perfectly, but their deed is not reciprocated or appreciated.

How to lead a Happy life?

1) Accept the fact that people are the way they are and you cannot change them.  Continue showering your love and care to them, without expecting anything in return.

2) Stop expecting anything from them. Never expect them to change. Acknowledge all small joys that you have been showered by them.

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