Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Year 2015 started on a sad note with sudden demise of my Father-in-law  due to “Sepsis shock”. We lost him on Jan 2nd 2015. P and I went to India to perform his last rites. Usually, we Hindus mourn the death for thirteen days, performing various rituals on each day.

PG Test2On Day 11 of mourning, Jan 12th, 2015, I felt something amiss with my body. I was feeling unusually tired which I dismissed as jet-lag, travel and mourning stress. However, I asked P to bring me a home pregnancy test kit. I took the test reluctantly and it turned blaring positive, within two seconds of me performing the test!! It was a sweet surprise! I ran excitedly to share this awesome news with P!

We were shocked and experienced mixed emotion – Happy over the pregnancy test; but depressed over my FIL’s demise! We didn’t know how to react. We confirmed the pregnancy later at our neighborhood hospital that evening.

Our pregnancy was a silver lining in our dark cloudy days of father-in-law’s demise! It gave us the new ray of hope and happiness for this year! 🙂



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