Pregnancy: 10 weeks appointment in USA

After returning back to US, we shortlisted few renowned Gynecologists and scheduled our first pregnancy scan in the US for Feb 4th,2015. Usually, in the US, your first pregnancy visit will involve a “Prenatal screening” to check for general heath of mother and the baby and also defect birth defects at early stages.

Our gynecologist scheduled us for “Prenatal screening” which involves blood work to test for the following:

->Blood Group



->Rubella immunity

Pap smear is also recommended along with testing for Chlamydia. All results were normal.

Fetus could be better seen by this time, with head and body as two huge round masses. The radiologist measured the heartbeat of 172 BPM and showed us the baby wiggling its hands and legs like a teddy bear and also the formation of  kidneys and spine. It was fun to watch.

At this stage it is too early to determine the gender of the baby. However, interestingly, by now, the doctor can hear baby’s heartbeat using just a dopplar, sans the ultrasound.




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