Gender Reveal Party

Hand crafted Pinata
Hand crafted Pinata

On March 28th, 2015, (3 days after our “Elective Gender Scan”), our best friend couple threw us a “Gender Reveal Party” to announce the baby’s gender in the presence of our friends. It is a new creative way of revealing baby’s gender now-a-days. Some common ways include (1) Gender reveal cake (2) cookies (3) Cupcakes (4) Balloons (5) Spray paint (6) Pinata etc.

Pinterest is a great resource for numerous creative ways of “gender reveal parties and ideas”:

Our best friend couple designed a hand crafted “Question mark” pinata using cardboard. After our scan,we had handed over to them, the sealed envelop containing the scan picture. The party idea was that one of them will fill the pinata with blue shredded paper, if our scan picture was a boy; or fill it with pink shredded paper, if our scan picture was a girl.

One of my coworker who owns a bakery, offered to bake a “gender reveal cake” for me. So, I gave her a copy of sealed envelop containing our scan picture as well. The inner part of the cake was supposed to be Blue, if its a boy; or Pink, if its a girl.

Party was a blast!! I pulled the pinata, while P cut the cake at the same time!! 



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