Pregnancy: Gender scan at 16 weeks

Usually, “Gender scan” is performed in US at 20th week, along with the anomaly scan. But, some hospitals offer an “Elective Gender Scan” at 16 weeks. It costs $40 and our insurance did not cover it, but still we opted for it, because we were too excited to find out the gender of the baby! 🙂 Our scan was scheduled on March 25th,2015!

How is it performed? 

The sonographer will perform a trans-abdominal ultrasound where she will look for presence of penis or clitoris (3 lines) between the baby’s legs. Some sonographers cannot control their excitement and will announce the result excitedly; but, however, if you plan to get the results in a sealed envelop (like we did), you should inform the sonographer beforehand.

Our best friends were throwing us a “gender reveal party”, so we asked for the results in the sealed envelop. 🙂 Our baby was co-operative and she could find out the results within seconds.

We came to know that we were having a BOY! 🙂


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