Pregnancy: 26 weeks scan

If your anomaly scan that is done between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy is normal, then, there will be no more scans further in your pregnancy, unless your OBGYN finds something unusual like – abnormal growth rate, or red bleeding. After the anomaly scan, all the doctor does is check your vitals and measure the bump.

We went in for our 26 weeks scan on May 27th,2015. The nurse took my vitals like height, weight, blood pressure and urine sample(to check for presence of sugar in urine. Please make sure that you avoid sweets and sugary stuff. Your urine should have 0 units of sugar).  My OBGYN measured the size of my bump using a tape measure, by measuring the distance from my pelvis to top of the uterus (also called Fundal height). She said every centimeter represents each week. My bump measured 26 centimeters to represent 26 weeks of pregnancy! 🙂


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