Pregnancy: Anomaly Scan at 20 weeks

Anomaly scan is a major scan which takes a closer look at your baby’s internal organs, development and the health of your uterus. It is a twenty minute scan which is performed between 18 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy. You can also get to know the baby’s gender during this scan, as the genitals will be clearly visible on the ultrasound.

On April 30th 2015, we went in for our Anomaly scan. Baby was hyper active and was moving around, bending and stretching, giving a tough time to the sonographer to get correct view and measurements. She also pointed that he was kicking vigorously on my bladder during the ultrasound.



She was able to check and measure the following in our baby:

1) Size and shape of his head and look for any abnormalities

2) Presence of four chambers in his heart- two antria and two ventricals; opening and closing of valves during each heartbeat; veins and arteries that carry blood to and from the baby’s heart.

3) Heartbeat

4) Closer look at baby’s face to check for abnormalities like cleft lip.

5) Baby’s Kidneys- presence of two kidneys and free flow of urine through them

6) Baby’s spine – length and see if all bones align.

7) Baby’s hands and legs and count the number of digits.

8) She confirmed that it is a boy, by showing us his penis 🙂

The scan was great and everything was normal!

More details about Anomaly scan can be found here


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