Project: Baby Room Painting

Final Look
Final Look

If you are one among those “over-enthusiastic, DIY & creative” parents who get immense pleasure by doing DIY stuffs for your baby, then, “Baby Room Painting & Decor” will surely be on your “Pregnancy To-Do” list!

P & I are so excited to create wonderful memories for our soon-to-be born baby boy and savor every moment of this wonderful journey. We had a spare decent sized room in our house, after examining it, realized it gets the perfect amount of sunlight, fresh air, is cozy, comfortable and best fit to be our baby’s room! We were thankful to our friends for lending a helping hand at this humongous project.

Materials Needed:

1) Paint color of your choice

2) Paint brushes – to paint at difficult corners of the room

3) Rollers (2 qty) – this is a life saver as it covers major surface areas of your room with minimum labor.

4) Plastic sheets- to prevent floors and carpets from getting messy.

5) Paint trays (2 qty)- to pour your paint into for painting.

6) Painter’s Tape 1 roll (wide) – used to cover outlet covers, switch covers, door frames, window frames, panels etc, to prevent accidentally painting on them.



1) Pick the Paint – we liked the paint “Fond Farewell”. Having taken room measurements, P calculated that we might need 1 gallon of this color to paint two coats for the entire room. Bingo! He was right on his estimate!

Taping the room
Taping the room

2) Taping the room – P and two of our friends spent an hour taping the entire room- covering the outlet covers, switch covers, door and window frames, panels etc.

3) Paint! Paint! Paint! – They spent decent three hours of time painting the room in first coat, allowed it to dry completely, and then started with second coat. Usually second coat doesn’t take much of your time and effort if you get everything right in the first coat!

Total hours spent in painting the entire room in two coats was 4 hours!

The final outcome was gorgeous!!! Kudos to P & our friends, we knocked off “Baby Room Painting” from our To-do list!! 🙂

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