Packing my Hospital Bag!

With just 2 weeks away for the D-Day, I recently packed my Hospital bag with dire essentials. You never know when your contractions will start and you will have to rush to the hospital, so keeping everything handy surely does wonders 🙂

Here is what I packed my HOSPITAL BAG with. I have segregated them into 6 categories: 

A) Clothing & Apparel

  1. Tshirts and PJs – around 2 to 3 pairs
  2. Robe to keep yourself warm
  3. Night gown
  4. Sweater if you feel cold in air-conditioned hospital room
  5. Underwear – 3-4 pairs
  6. Socks – 2-3 pairs to keep your feet warm
  7. Going home clothes – a pair that you will wear when you take the baby home back from the hospital

B) Nursing Essentials –

  1. Nursing bras – 2 to 3 pairs
  2. Nursing Tops – will be comfortable for breastfeeding
  3. Nursing pads – to avoid stains due to leakages
  4. Nursing pillow – to assist in breastfeeding
  5. Nipple cream – for soothing cracks
  6. Breast pumps – if you plan on using it
  7. Formula – if you plan on using one.

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HYPERBOLE & A HALF – Book Review

51wAAzcD2uL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Hyperbole and a Half

Author: Allie Brosh

Rating: 1/5

Review: I ordered this book on amazon having read raving reviews about it by Microsoft stalwart, Mr Bill Gates. Needlessly to say, I am extremely disappointed with this book.

Absolutely immature and childish writing and narration. Save you money and give this memoir a miss!!


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KANE & ABEL – Book Review

KATitle: Kane & Abel

Author: Jeffery Archer

Rating: 4/5


Engrossing read about the story of two men Kane and Abel born on the same day in two opposite parts of the world- one to a powerful Boston millionaire and the other being adopted by poor polish family.
These two men are driven by their aspirations, money and fame, hunger for power and dreams to establish their own empires that they leave no stone un-turned to destroy each other, by pursuing their vendetta against each other for more than thirty years, hurting everyone and everything they love in this pursuit; only to realize at the end that one of them had selflessly helped the other one anonymously during his time of crisis.


Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester Appointments

Sorry was busy for a while and didn’t have time to update the blog. Lots of things happening right now.

Started my bi-weekly appointments from 32 weeks. Went in for usual fundal height measurement and heartbeat monitoring on Week 32 and Week 34. Everything looked great and baby was right on target! 🙂

Weekly appointments started from Week 36. On week 36, my OBGYN performed a pelvic exam to check for cervix dilation, effacement and baby head position! She could feel his head down.  She also tested for “Strep B” by swabbing using a Q-Tip.

She said everything looks great and he cannot flip to breeach position now. That’s always good to hear 🙂


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Outliers- Book Review

Title: Outliers

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Rating: 5/5


A delightful read where Malcom relates statistical evidences and studies to prove that some people are successful not only because of their personal traits, intelligence or ambition, but, also, because they had an opportunity to be exposed to special privileges and opportunities to which others weren’t fortunate enough to experience.

He provides various scenarios and examples of:

1) how 10,000 hours of practice is required to make a person expert at something

2) how Bill Gates, Bill Joy had exposure to the first personal computers at their school/college which made them pro at computing.

3) how age cut off limit provides demarcation of star hockey, basketball players born before fall

4) why Korea had major plane crashes and they flipped things around

5) why Asians are ace at math

And many more.