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IAM Malala – Book Review

Title: IAM Malala

Author: Malala Youzufzai

Rating: 4/5


Inspiring story of a courageous girl who stood for what she believed in, where she recounts the events that unfolded in her life before and after the advent of Taliban in her peaceful hometown in Swat valley; numerous atrocities committed by Taliban; political instability in Pakistan during the reign of Nawaz Shariff, Benezir Bhutto, Pervez Musharaf and Asif Zardari; how their hometown was destroyed by coming under crossfire between Pakistan army and Taliban; how they were driven away from their own valley and lived as refugees in various cities of Pakistan; her longing and immense love for books and education; how she strived to make education available for all girls, her philanthropic work, her persistent fight to denounce terrorism and wrongdoings of taliban, LET, Pakistan government and army; and her efforts to bring peace back into her valley, and Pakistan in general, by being vocal in her inspirational speeches, peaceful demonstrations and rallies, her blog and tv interviews.

She is a fearless 15 year old girl who stood by her principles and morals and took the taliban’s bullet head on.
Even after she miraculously recovered the tragedy, she still continued her work for global peace and girls’ education by opening many schools and providing free education.