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Reconstructing Amelia- Book Review

Title: Reconstructing Amelia

Author: Kimberly McCreight

Rating: 4/5


A psychological thriller about an extremely intelligent, high achiever Amelia, who is accused of plagiarizing on here English paper and committing suicide by falling off her school’s roof! Her mother Kate, who is a litigation lawyer blames herself and her busy career for her daughter’s death, until she receives an anonymous text saying “She didn’t jump”! 

Kate sets out on a wild goose chase procuring immense support from lieutenant Lew sifting through her daughter’s texts, emails and Facebook activities to discover the shocking dark truths about her daughter’s last days of life and people mysteriously involved in her death!

Captivating plot that will give you goosebumps questioning your parental skills and a drive to introspect “how well you know your own child”!



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