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DIY HOME Re-modeling

houzz_logolargeDon’t like the way your current HOME is? Planning to re-model or renovate? Are you a DIY freak who loves building your own stuffs, both to be creative as well as thrifty and eventually be proud of your accomplishments when your projects are completed? Then, this is your appropriate resource ->

Houzz website or app offers you a plethora of home decor ideas for renovating your home which include kitchen, bathroom, powder room, den, living room, foray, entry, backyard, exterior et al. They have plentiful photos, ideas and projects that are uploaded by Interior decorators, DIY builders, websites etc. You can also choose by various styles like Rustic, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Beach, Asian, etc. All you need to do is create your profile and skim through the styles and rooms of your choice and start pinning them onto your ideabooks if you love the ideas or pictures. Some photos also show the individual price for some items. You can also collaborate and pin content with numerous collaborators. If you like an idea, you can either start working on DIY model or get in touch with local interior decorators to bring your dream project to life.

I have been extensively using the Houzz app and can’t stop raving about it. I did find myriad of ideas and have pinned onto my ideabooks. Hopefully, P & I will start working on shortly. 🙂

If you wish to check out my ideabooks, follow this link:


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