Office A – Baby Shower


P’s colleagues hosted us a “Baby shower” at his office on Aug 6th, 2015. Since the spouse was also invited, I had to go to their office too, to be pampered by their team mates. P picked me up during lunch and we drove to his office. After procuring temporary badge and sifting through security, we finally reached the conference room where the shower was being held.

Delicious Cake
Delicious Cake

The room was decorated beautifully with balloons, banners and adorned with gifts, cakes, cookies and other goodies. They gave us a warm welcome. I was introduced to some of his team mates (the others I knew already). After brief introduction, we sat down and were offered the gifts to open amidst the crowd. Some of the gifts were from our baby registry (thanks heavens for this!) and the rest were thoughtful and handmade gifts which we loved too. We then cut the cake and relished the baby themed cookies baked by P’s coworker L.

Overall, had a splendid time!



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