Office S – Baby Shower


My colleagues at S hosted me a wonderful Baby Shower on July 30th, 2015.T,A and T were the three hosts who put together everything for this shower. T had asked me beforehand, what theme I would prefer and my answer was “Nautical”, so they made sure that they incorporated Nautical things into this shower.

Onesies Cloth-line
Onesies Cloth-line

I walked into the conference room during lunch to be spellbound by the arrangement. The first thing which caught my eye was “onsies cloth-line”. It was beautiful. I spotted few nautical themed onsies on the cloth-line amidst the others. The next attractive thing was nautical themed diaper-cake. Kudos to A for pulling it off beautifully! She surely is creative! There was also nautical themed cake and punch. My colleagues cheered me as I walked in and was given a special seat to sit on. First I cut the cake and everyone devoured it. The cake was incredibly delicious that we ignored the hue change to our tongues and lips to blue. Then, I started opening the gifts one by one. Luckily, here too, most of the gifts were from the registry.

Of course, I had a great time here too! 🙂


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