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Keeping up with Resolutions

As millions throng Times Square and holler the countdown witnessing the “ball drop” to embrace the New Year 2016, another glorious year has passed by! Every year on January 1st, many of us assure ourselves to commit to the unique and new “New Years resolution” for the next 364 days, but do we sternly meet it?

People who are overweight/obese pledge to eat healthy, exercise regularly and shed unwanted pounds. Whereas people who are underweight pledge to gain some more pounds to conceal their bony structures.

Introverts pledge to break their shackles, learn to express themselves and turn into extroverts. Whereas extroverts pledge to conceal some of their emotions and not be too expressive.

Slackers pledge to indulge in more hard work and be more productive. Whereas, workaholics pledge to take it a little bit easy and try to enjoy life a little bit more.

Studious people pledge to start getting involved in extra circular activities; whereas non-studious people pledge to be more serious about their studies and strive for excellence.

Spendthrifts pledge to be more cautious about their spending habits. Whereas, Thrifty people pledge to spend a little more money and live a good life.

Hyper bloggers pledge to cut down their blogging, whereas hypo bloggers pledge to become more visible in blogging space.

Social media maniacs pledge to cut down their presence in the social networking sites and utilize their valuable time more productively; whereas, Social media phobes pledge to accentuate their presence more in social networking sites to be more connected with their friends and loved ones.

Textoholics pledge to minimize their texting. Whereas, non responsive people pledge to be more responsive to texts and messages.

Every year, each one of us on this planet has a unique and new resolution. But, will we ever strive hard to accomplish it for the next 364 days of the year? What stops us from achieving it? Do we get demotivated? Sidetracked? Disinterested? Lazy?

Has anyone of you ever succeeded in following your resolution for the entire year? If yes, please do comment below as to what your resolution was and how did you achieve it?

I, like millions of people around the globe too decided on new year resolutions at the commencement of every new year, only for it to be broken as the days rolled by.

I came across an interesting New Year resolution. Planning to achieve it in 2016! It’s the “Happiness Jar” which defines as below:


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