Baby Food: Sweet Potato Purée 

 My baby turned four months two weeks ago. During his 4th month wellness visit, our pediatrician suggested us to start feeding him solid food. He adviced us to introduce yellow or orange colored food like banana, apple, carrot, squash, avocado, sweet potato etc by feeding him just one-two spoonfuls twice daily.

We introduced him to Apple, banana, carrot, avocado, mixed vegetable purée. He relished Apple and banana purées the most.

Today, I prepared sweet potato purĂ©e. He enjoyed his meal😀. Sharing the recipe.


Sweet potato – 1/4 – cut into small pieces

Breast milk or formula- 1/2 ounce

Gerber Oatmeal Cereal- this is finely cut oats.


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2016 · Daily Post - Weekly Photo Challenge · PHOTOGRAPHY

WPC – Vibrant – Baby N!

This is an entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge on Daily Post!

Last Spring, I was fortunate to do a photo-shoot for my friend. The weather was perfect! The lush greenery, Indian attire, bright sunlight, gorgeous model with stunning smile, helped me capture some vibrant candid pictures! 🙂



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2016 · CHALLENGES · Fiction · Short Stories

The Heavenly Call!

Image Courtesy:searchengineland.com

Last weekend, we had the privilege of experiencing our first snowfall of 2016. Our entire place was enveloped in white sheet of 3-5 inches of snow. As I was experimenting with my Canon T4i, capturing some macro shots of frozen trees, branches, leaves, flowerbed, garden bench, in my side and front yards, suddenly I remembered that I had buried a time-capsule in my flower bed, few years ago. Currently being winter, there weren’t any plants flourishing, and it was the right opportunity to dig it up. With glove-clad hands, I pushed aside a huge heap of snow that camouflaged the flowerbed, exposing the visible layer of soil underneath. Then, I frantically began to separate the soil with my hands until I found what I was looking for. There it was! My sparkling iPhone 3GS, as new as ever. I grasped it with my soiled hands and turned it on. The battery was dead. I ran inside and fetched my iPhone charger and plugged it in, leaving it on the coffee table to charge completely.

After an hour, it was 99% charged. Suddenly, it started ringing. Curiously, I grabbed the phone and looked at the display screen. My eyes widened with bewilderment. It was a call from my FIL (Father in law) whom we lost in 2015. I was nervous to pick up the call. I pinched myself several times to confirm that it wasn’t a dream. Mustering courage, I picked up the call.

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My Babyverse

Image Courtesy: Google

My daily routine is boring as well as exciting. Despite spending eight hours glued to my desk, everyday at work, performing mundane tasks, I totally enjoy the quality time that I spend with my baby for the rest of the day.

Every morning, I wake up in the wee hours like 12AM/3 AM/5 AM etc (sans the alarm clock, yes! May God bless Motherhood- an inbuilt alarm clock) to see my baby smiling in his crib beside my bed. It will be his diaper changing time and feeding time. I carefully pick him up, and plant a kiss lovingly on his cheerful face, wishing him good morning. I perform the diaper-change ritual followed by feeding, and then rock him to sleep.

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2016 · MUSINGS · WRITING PROMPTS · Writing Wednesday

2016’s First Snowfall

snowLast Friday, we were blessed to experience the first snowfall of 2016. Living in Central America, we are fortunate to experience just three to five inches of snow(optimal enough to enjoy), contrary to severe snowstorms and abundant snowfall as in the northern parts of US.  In the wee hours of Friday, the snowfall started, when everyone was curled up under warm blankets, fast asleep on their beds. Waking up at 7 am, I turned on the blinds of our master bedroom window to view a gorgeous sight. Our entire front, back and side yards had turned pristine white. Little flurries of snow kept falling on the visible ground, trees, my garden and a street running across my house. Weather had plummeted to negative temperature of 30 F and it was freezing cold.

I called my office’s emergency hotline and the recorded message said “Inclement weather policy has been implemented”. Everyone in our team had carried our office laptops home on Thursday evening to work from home on Friday, as a precautionary measure. Friday morning at 8 am, I texted my director conveying to him that I planned to work from home that day. The 9am conference call was canceled. As I had no important work to do immediately, I grabbed my iPhone and ran to the front door to capture the snow pictures. I opened the front door and a gush of cold wind blew to my face, sending chill down my bones. It was freezing cold. The view was breath-taking. A white sheet of snow had enveloped my entire front yard and neighboring houses. My MIL came running to the front door, to catch a glimpse of this sight, it being her first snowfall of her life. Baby A was comfortably resting in his rocker, with a warm blanket running over him to protect him from cold. Portable heater was turned on, but it couldn’t suffice to warm up the entire breakfast area. Fireplace was turned on to keep the den warm. It was a perfect environment to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and read a book, beside the warmth emitting fireplace. But, unfortunately, I had to complete my office work and reading a book was out of question.

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2016 · MUSINGS


He sat in the local train and traveled for three long hours to reach Bangalore. He was excited to meet his son, daughter-in-law and his granddaughter. He had brought candies and gifts for his granddaughter. His plan was to spend some quality time with his son’s family in Bangalore. The son and daughter-in-law welcomed him with open arms. Granddaughter was over the moon to be with him. They were totally spending quality time with each other, when suddenly, he started sweating profusely and breathing heavily. The panicked son immediately called the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. Once admitted, the doctors checked his vitals and performed a plethora of tests confirming a heart-attack. The proposed to perform a surgery to fix the situation. The son called his brother in a different city, Mysore. The older brother advised his younger brother to fly their dad back to Mysore, so that he could get him operated by specialized doctor at a renowned hospital.

The surgery was successful. He was kept under observation for few hours. Suddenly, his vitals started fluctuating. His vital organs began to fail and stopped responding. Blood started oozing out of his eyes, nose and ears. He was put on ventilator. The doctors lost hope and asked the sons to just pray for some miracle. Finally, he breathed his last at 3am today. This is how I woke up to the sad news of my maternal uncle’s death today morning. 😩

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2016 · Daily Prompt · WRITING PROMPTS

Darn it, Small Screens!

Image courtesy: computertutorinc.net
Image courtesy: computertutorinc.net

Handheld devices like iPhones, Android phones, iPads and other tablets have replaced computers. Even though they are smaller, compact, easy-to-carry and are always accessible, there are numerous disadvantages(at least for me). I was first introduced to “computers” during my third grade at school in India. I was fascinated to learn the different parts of computer – like monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, input and output devices, printer etc. It was exciting to press the keys on the keyboard and view them on the monitor. The idea of CPU being the “brain” of the entire computer and learning about its marvelous computing capabilities and processing speeds totally awed me! As we entered high school, I got a chance to explore Microsoft office suite like excel, word, power point etc. We had lab exams at school, where we were judged on creating an excel document and computing some math problem on it; typing essays on word and creating slides and showcasing slideshows on power point. In my college, undergrad and graduate schools, I was introduced to a plethora of programming languages. Today, I use my office desktop for my job. Its really comforting to view 15″ monitor screen, while typing frantically on the regular keyboard and navigating with the mouse.

Thanks to the technological breakthroughs, now, we can carry the entire computer in our pocket in the form of smart phones and tablets. Smartphones and tablets provide the same facilities like- accessing emails, social networking sites, news websites, stocks, blogs, maps, weather, etc just by few taps on the touchscreen. You can even type lengthy messages and emails using the popup keyboard on your phone’s touchscreen. This compactness and mobility is truly stupendous, but straining sometimes. I really feel frustrated over straining my eyes while reading lengthy messages and emails on my phone. It is also painful to use the touchscreen keyboard to type lengthy emails. iPad is definitely bigger in size than iPhone, but I hate that large screen which prevents me from typing with both hands and forcing me to type single-handed. Staring at the screen also makes my eyes watery. Slavery towards smart phones and tablets and the urge to check them constantly and respond immediately is also frustrating.

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2016 · Blogher Writing Lab · January Prompts · WRITING PROMPTS

First Bike Ride – Blogher Writing Lab

This question brought back my childhood memories. The “firsts” are always cherished by everyone. Our wonderful brain may forget lot of events that happened in our life, but will totally remember our first experiences.

When I was in high school, I was eligible to ride a bike to school. We stayed thirty minutes away from school and I was commuting by public transport everyday to school. It was a painful experience to wait for longer duration at the bus stop, then, board a crowded bus with no empty seats, and stand firmly performing a balancing act with gigantic school bag clung to your shoulder, while painstakingly grabbing the suspended handles from the roof of the bus. I totally hated it.

Image Courtesy:Google

Many of my friends had ditched public transport and started peddling their way to school on their new and attractive bikes. I was tempted to do the same. So, I approached my dad and declared my eligibility to own a bike and ride it to school. First, he wasn’t very happy with the idea fearing huge traffic and reckless drivers, but later gave in and brought me a bike – Hero Ladies Bicycle.  I was overjoyed to own a new bike. I couldn’t wait to show it off to my friends and also ride along with some of my friends in my neighborhood.

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