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Pretty Baby – Book Review

Title: Pretty Baby

Author: Mary Kubica

Rating: 5/5

Review: If you love her first novel “Good Girl”, you will definitely love this novel too!

Heidi Wood, a charitable woman one day finds a homeless teenager, Willow with a baby at the train station. She feels really sorry for Willow and the baby and follows them everywhere to know about their whereabouts. She even pursues Willow to come home with her so that she can take care of them. She succeeds in bringing them home, to her shocking husband and daughter. They disapprove Willow and her baby and speculate that she might be a criminal. Heidi takes care of the baby and tends to it as if her own. Heidi has her own history of miscarriage and unable to bear the second child. She gets all nostalgic and paranoid about this baby. She even drives Willow out of her house and keeps the baby herself. In the parallel story, actually Willow was sexually abused by her foster father, who had given away her baby sister for adoption, whose adoptive parents later had their own second child. To avenge this, Willow had kidnapped the adoptive parents’ second child. The adoptive parents go searching for their missing baby and finally finds it with Heidi. Heidi on the other hand needs psychological counselling to let go of her dark past of miscarriage and her possessiveness to the baby that is not her own!


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