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Blogger Writing Lab – Invasions – Jan 6th, 2016

Today’s Blogher Writing Lab’s prompt is:

Jan 6th

Many of us often struggle to juggle with work and personal life. Because both of them need our undue attention and commitment, we end up at crossroads trying to mix one into another. It will be truly beneficial for our personal and professional growth if we could separate one from another and run them in parallel.

One way I would set limits for work invading home would be:

Don’t bring WORK HOME – I will try my level best not to bring work home. This includes logging from home after work hours, late night calls, answering to emails and responding to texts. I plan to complete all the office work on time, before I leave for home. At home, my family – husband and baby needs my undue attention, love and concern, so I would love to devote the rest of day in spending quality time with my family, completing chores at home, cooking dinner, having dinner table conversations, curling up and watching tv and reading an intriguing book beside my night stand. These activities usually rejuvenate my mind and soul after a stressful day at work.


One way I would set limits for home invading work would be:

Don’t carry personal burdens to work – Personal life has its share of stress too! Fights or arguments with spouse, personal loans, personal matters, death of loved ones, stressful social life, broken trust and friendships etc. If we carry these burden to work, we end up screwing up at work, at the cost of our job. Since I work on the business side where I run analysis and reports for the upper management, amounting to business worth millions of dollars, I need to be extra vigilant to what numbers I provide them. I will always strive for leaving behind my personal troubles at home when I am at work.



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