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BlogHer Writing Lab – Time Management – Jan 7th,2016

jan 7th

Being an early riser, I am way too early for everything – be it to office, or parties, or home or gatherings. My OCD gives me goose bumps if I end up even 5 minutes later than scheduled time. I also hate to receive the title “late comer” or dirty looks from people when you arrive late at your destination. Some sanctimonious people even have the audacity to ‘tap’ their watches and show it to ‘latecomers’ to embarrass them further.

Office – When my husband and I used to work for the same company previously, his ‘dictator’ director required his team to be present at their cubicles by 7:45 AM regularly. His director was such a ‘micro management freak’ that he waited until he saw every team member in their cubicles, before heading downstairs to cafeteria to buy breakfast. On the other hand, my own manager ended up coming to office daily at 9am while I was present at office since 7:45 AM. Even after I switched companies, this habit continued. My entire team, sans my director arrives to office at 9am, but, thanks to carpooling with my husband, I still end up being at office every morning at 7:45AM.

Parties & Gatherings: There have been several instances where we have reached venue either 30 minutes early or exactly on time, only to be met by few lingering souls at the venue, cursing every latecomers under their breath. We have been so early sometimes, that we have even helped with party decor.

So, arriving too early at my destination has been imbibed in me and I totally enjoy being early than everyone else. It gives me a sense of content and pride.





2 thoughts on “BlogHer Writing Lab – Time Management – Jan 7th,2016

  1. Great post! I can definitely relate. I am in the same “BlogHer Writing Lab” group with you on FB. Happy New Year 😉


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