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New habit- Journalizing

I have been painstakingly trying to maintain a journal since many years, but wasn’t successful. Finally, I am glad that I was able to kickoff this new habit as a part of my “New Year Resolution” for this year. I ordered few journal notebooks on Amazon for different genre like personal diary, recipe book & travel log – as I love speaking my heart out; love torturing my family members with my experimental culinary skills; love packing my bags and traveling the world.

Maintaining a journal has proven to have cognitive benefits as per recent study. Article source: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6648884

In the nutshell, some benefits include:

1) Boosting your morale & self confidence-  when you pen down your positive experiences and achievements, you are building self confidence and sense of satisfaction which will augment your moral and confidence.

2)Memory building – it takes great memory to recall the experiences and pen in down. The co ordination between brain and hands to achieve this feat is remarkable.

3) Improves IQ- When you conduct immense research and write about interesting topics, you are giving your IQ a boost!

4) Enhance Creativity – When you write, you break the dam of “writers block” and let your creativity and expressions to flow like a river.

5) Healing – Writing about your thoughts, feelings and expressions which may range from sadness, anger, hatred, happiness etc helps you to let go of your emotions that you have been clinging onto and helps you heal.

6) Enhances communication skills & vocabulary- no brownie points for guessing this one!

My journals arrived today and here they are:

I can’t stop raving about them and wait to  use them! 😀

I ordered them on Amazon and here are the links if you are interested in ordering one for yourself:

1) Recipe Journal:

2) Personal Journal:

3) Travel Journal:

Enjoy!! Happy Journalizing!! 😀


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