2016 · Blogher Writing Lab · January Prompts · WRITING PROMPTS

Blogher Writing Lab – Focus – Jan 8th,2016

Today’s prompt for ‘Blogher Writing Lab’ is:

Jan 8th

Things that help me stay focused at work:

My newborn – The desperate need to provide my newborn with good food, health, medical facilities and basic amenities drives my motivation at work. As a mother, I feel it is my duty to provide him a good life.

My ‘awesome’ Health Insurance – I am one of the lucky people to be working for a medical device manufacturing company, which provides stupendous health insurance for their employees. My insurance covers 90% of medical expenses, leaving me with just 10% to pay from my pocket. Recently, during my pregnancy & delivery, we discovered that I had to just pay $500 “deductible” and $2500 “out of pocket” which included my doctor visits, sonograms, blood tests, delivery, medical bills, hospital stay et al. Isn’t that awesome?!

My ‘bi weekly paycheck’ – I absolutely love to see my bi-weekly paychecks being credited to my bank account on Fridays, biweekly. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to make more money.

Taking ‘breaks’ during work – Mine is a “desk job”which involves sitting at my desk the whole day writing codes, running programs, processes; doing analysis and creating reports. To be glued to computer screen forever is stressful for eyes, mind and body. I try my best to sneak in a quick walk everyday to the coffee machine or in the parking lot. It refreshes my mind and helps me concentrate better to be more productive.

Competitive projects – When my manager entrusts me with competitive projects that tests my analytical, technical and cognitive skills, I strive hard to impress him with my intelligence.

Appraisals and pay raise – These definitely motivates me to bring out the ‘best in me’ and prove my worth and strive hard to move up the corporate ladder

Things that help me stay focused at home:

  1. Tending to my newborn – Once I reach home, my newborn needs my complete attention. I am always on my toes to feed him, change his diapers, swaddle him, read him a book, play with him and spend the rest of the evening with him.
  2. Trying out new recipes – Often I try out new recipes and also bake variety of cakes. This helps me feed the hungry mouths at my home and also feel proud of my new culinary ventures and accomplishments
  3. Writing a Journal – After attending to house chores at night and when my baby is sleeping, I grab my journal and start penning down my thoughts, feelings and also my achievements for the day. It helps me boost my memory and also is rejuvenating, after a stressful day at work.



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