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The Martian- Book Review

img_3476Title: The Martian

Author: Andy Weir

Rating: 4/5

Review: One hell of “edge of your seat” read about the only survivor on Mars- Mark Watney, who was left behind by his Ares 3 crew when they forcefully evacuated the site on account of severe dust storm. With the next NASA mission arriving in next four years and his food supplies lasting for just 180 days, Watney, a botanist & mechanical engineer, is forced to grow his own food on Mars. He begins to grow potatoes on Mars by using his own dump as manure and producing water from hydrazine(where he almost blows up himself). He keeps a log of his daily activities hoping that someone would discover it after his death. He repairs and uses Ares 3’s rover and drives for three weeks to the Pathfinder lander and brings it back to the Hab to communicate with the earth.

NASA discovers that he is alive by capturing satellite images that show his movements. NASA begins to communicate with Watney and crafts numerous unsuccessful rescual plans for him. Ares 3 crew is informed about Watney’s survival and they are overjoyed. They are secretly informed about NASA astrodynamist Rich Purnell’s “sling trajectory” plan that could get Hermes and Ares 3 back to Mars and rescue Watney. Despite it being risky and the fact that it would extend their own mission, they are thrilled to volunteer to bring him back to earth, by putting their own lives under risk and successfully achieve it!

Andy Weir goes into too much of technical details and NASA terminology which maybe overwhelming sometimes. But, if you ignore all the mumbo-jumbo, it is definitely a nail-biting read!


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