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Awestruck by my Apple Watch!

apple-watch-1Apple Watch – Being an Apple fanatic, owning an Apple Watch was my motto! Finally, I am a proud owner of “Apple Watch Sport edition” (Gold Aluminium Case with Antique white sports brand), all thanks to my Saturday shopping trip to Apple store. I can’t stop raving about the awesome capabilities that the watch renders on your wrist. You just wear it like a watch and voila! you have access to iMessages, Phone calls, Email, Camera, Photo library, Calendar, Activity, Workout, Wallet, Siri, Music, Weather, Timer, fitness, Stocks, stopwatch, alarm, news, shopping, games, travel, social networking sites et al. Isn’t this awesome?! You also have the capability to download certain apps and access them directly on your watch.

To get started, you need to pair your watch with your iphone.  There are two buttons on the right side of the watch’s case : Digital crown and Side button. (a)Digital crown is a dial which helps you select applications from main menu and also lets you scroll through various options in the chosen application. (b) Side button takes you to recent contacts. Double clicking the side button enables Apple pay.

Here are some of the default applications that you access via your apple watch:

  1. iMessage – Your apple watch will beep the moment you receive a new iMessage. Turning the watch towards you will show the message in preview window. You can tap on the message to view it. Using the digital crown will help you scroll the entire message. Replying has two options – (a) Reply via text – which lets you to chose from default reply prompts and also includes smileys. (b) Voice enabled replies- which enables you to record your voice message as a reply to the sender. To create a new message, hold the main screen and start recording your voice message or send default texts.
  2. Emails – Same capabilities as iMessage as mentioned above.
  3. Phone Calls – Your phone will beep when someone calls you, providing with Accept or Decline options. Your phone will also display default text messages that you can send when you reject calls. You can also access “Recent contacts” by clicking on side button
  4. Photo Library – gives you access to your photo library. Zoom in and out feature helps you view the photos better.
  5. Calendar– Helps you view the calendar events and also receive new event requests.
  6. Maps – provides navigation facility on your wrist. You can start navigation by clicking on addresses in your contacts or email, or by entering new address via voice or recently visited addresses.
  7. Music – Selecting music icon takes you to your playlists and you can hit Play to start playing them on your watch.
  8. Siri – Turn the watch towards you and say the golden words “Hey Siri” and she gets activated to follow your orders.
  9. Weather – gives you LIVE weather updates of the chosen location.
  10. Wallet – Add a card to your watch using “Wallet and Apple pay” option. During shopping trips, just tap the side button twice and turn your phone towards reader to activate apply pay. Isn’t that awesome?


Apple Watch also provides you with capabilities to download certain apps via Apple store:

  1. Shopping – like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Kohl’s, Lowes, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, etc.
  2. News – like CNN, NY Times, ESPN etc.
  3. Music – like Pandora, soundcloud etc.
  4. Travel  – like Uber, American Airlines, etc.
  5. Entertainment  – like instagram, twitter, Facebook messenger(but not facebook), Vine, Fandago movies, etc. They give previews of your news feed sans the uploading or updating capabilities.
  6. Gaming  – like solitaire
  7. Utility  – like Dictionary, itranslate etc
  8. Health – like “What to expect”, Webmd etc

More details about all the above mentioned apps can be found here: http://www.apple.com/watch/apps/

Various designs and editions can be found here: http://www.apple.com/watch/design/

You can choose from a plethora of watch options : http://www.apple.com/watch/gallery

Overall, I am awestruck by this stupendous concept of accessing a gazillion things on my wrist. I can’t even fathom the magnitude of breakthroughs that technology has achieved in this modern world.


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