2016 · Biggest Loser Challenge · HEALTH & FITNESS

The Biggest Loser

 It’s new year and time for some resolutions, ain’t it? Well, after my body gave birth to a 6lb human being four months ago, it’s high time for it to snap back to its pre-pregnancy form.

Few days ago, I eavesdropped on the conversation between my two coworkers about “Biggest Loser Challenge” that they went planning to commence, while I was fetching some hot water from the coffee room, for brewing my green tea. Being interested in this, I approached T and asked her to sign me up for this challenge.

We had our initial weigh-ins yesterday. The winner will receive $100 after our final weigh-ins on April 30th. We will be accounted for our % weight loss.

D dropped by my cube and handed me three sheets describing various exercises like leg raises, stomach crunches, plank, push ups, lunges, squats etc that we are supposed to religiously follow during this time period.

Sharing that information here for all the interested folks. Please do drop a line if you are interested in partaking this challenge too!

I can’t wait to start torturing my body😁

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