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Yeah Write – Enchant-Her

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He had created a tiny time of enchantment. Little Anna held her parents’ hands as she waited patiently in the long line at the gazebo.  It was a cold windy afternoon. The gazebo was packed with enthralled kids and their parents, everyone decked up in multiple layers of clothing including sweater and jackets to keep themselves warm in the biting cold and against gushy wind. Every kid excitedly waited to meet him, despite freezing cold. Everyone assumed that they have been good this year. A twenty foot tree stood in the garden beside the gazebo. It was beautifully decorated with plethora of ornaments of numerous colors. The excited shrills and hollers of kids filled the air. Infinite camera clicks rebounded the arena. Chatters, laughter and shrills filled the air. The line at the gazebo started becoming shorter.

A huge chair was placed at the center of the gazebo. It was neatly decorated. A well dressed man in red and white fur shirt and pants sat on it with poise. He had a long white beard and a thick mustache running over his upper lips. A red and white fur hat covered his head. It couldn’t protect his ears from cold. A thick black belt ran across his stomach. A sweet wide grin ran across his lips. He was patiently waiting for every kid to come up to him. His bag was loaded with variety of candies and candy canes. Whenever a kid from the line ran up to him, he smiled, picked up the kid and carefully made it sit on his lap. He softly whispered “Merry Christmas” into the kid’s ears and with a lovely smile asked “What’s on your wishlist “?. Every kid in front of little Anna excitedly squealed and ran to sit on his lap when it was their turn. They handed over their wishlists to him. He took every wishlist from every kid, opened it, read it, then, neatly folded and placed it into his red sack, that lay beside his right foot. Then, he carefully bent over, grabbing a piece of candy or candy cane from his goody bag and handed it over to every kid, whilst smiling and posing for their pictures that were being captured by their parents.

It was finally little Anna’s turn. She carefully climbed the two steps leading to the chair. He smiled at her and beckoned her towards him. She smiled back at him and ran to his chair. He lifted her off the ground and placed her on his lap.

He asked “What’s your name”?

She said “Anna”.

He whispered “Merry Christmas, Anna”.

She replied “Thank You”.

“What’s on your wish list”? He asked

She slid her cold hands into her dress pocket and removed a neatly folded paper with fumbling hands. He gracefully took it from her and opened it with a smile. After gazing at it for a second, his smile vanished. It read “I wish to live“. He was flabbergasted and looked up at her parents, with question in his eyes. Tears welled up their eyes. With broken voice, her mom replied “She is diagnosed with final stage of Cancer and chemo therapy failed”. There was pin-drop silence amidst the crowd. The only audible noise was camera clicking.

He really wished he could make her wish come true.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

This post is also an entry for Yeah Write’s Fiction Challenge #249 



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