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My Audience

Audience-Courtesy Google Images

Every performance, activity and feat requires an audience. A good audience encourages the performer to give his best, eases and relaxes his mind and also provides comfort during the performance. Some performers require ‘well known faces’ amidst their audience; whereas, others require strangers. Some feel comfortable receiving encouragement from loved ones; whereas others from strangers. For me, I would love the presence of strangers than my own family and friends.

Since my childhood, I have given numerous performances like song, drama and dance recitals. Every time that I went on stage, I was consciously aware of the fact that my parents and friends are paying rapt attention to every word of the lyrics that came out of my mouth, every step I took in my dance and every move in my drama. This ‘conscious mind’ has always put tremendous pressure on me to give my best, stressing me out that I might fail or let my family and friends down. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy performing under stress. It was also demotivating whenever I didn’t win a competition under this stress. Even during my MBA graduation walk, my husband was amidst the audience hollering and cheering for me, whilst happily snapping pictures, that I was consciously aware of, when I took a walk to receive my degree from the dean. When I married and moved to US for the first time,every time my husband(who is a great cook) ventured into the kitchen whilst I was cooking totally freaked me out. It made me so conscious that he might not like my cooking style or my food. Even today, I literally push him out of the kitchen whenever he steps into it.

Therefore, I can safely say that I need strangers amidst my audience to help me ease and give my best performance.

This post is an entry for The Daily Post’s-Daily Prompt:Witness Protection


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