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Darn it, Small Screens!

Image courtesy: computertutorinc.net
Image courtesy: computertutorinc.net

Handheld devices like iPhones, Android phones, iPads and other tablets have replaced computers. Even though they are smaller, compact, easy-to-carry and are always accessible, there are numerous disadvantages(at least for me). I was first introduced to “computers” during my third grade at school in India. I was fascinated to learn the different parts of computer – like monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, input and output devices, printer etc. It was exciting to press the keys on the keyboard and view them on the monitor. The idea of CPU being the “brain” of the entire computer and learning about its marvelous computing capabilities and processing speeds totally awed me! As we entered high school, I got a chance to explore Microsoft office suite like excel, word, power point etc. We had lab exams at school, where we were judged on creating an excel document and computing some math problem on it; typing essays on word and creating slides and showcasing slideshows on power point. In my college, undergrad and graduate schools, I was introduced to a plethora of programming languages. Today, I use my office desktop for my job. Its really comforting to view 15″ monitor screen, while typing frantically on the regular keyboard and navigating with the mouse.

Thanks to the technological breakthroughs, now, we can carry the entire computer in our pocket in the form of smart phones and tablets. Smartphones and tablets provide the same facilities like- accessing emails, social networking sites, news websites, stocks, blogs, maps, weather, etc just by few taps on the touchscreen. You can even type lengthy messages and emails using the popup keyboard on your phone’s touchscreen. This compactness and mobility is truly stupendous, but straining sometimes. I really feel frustrated over straining my eyes while reading lengthy messages and emails on my phone. It is also painful to use the touchscreen keyboard to type lengthy emails. iPad is definitely bigger in size than iPhone, but I hate that large screen which prevents me from typing with both hands and forcing me to type single-handed. Staring at the screen also makes my eyes watery. Slavery towards smart phones and tablets and the urge to check them constantly and respond immediately is also frustrating.

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