2016 · MUSINGS


He sat in the local train and traveled for three long hours to reach Bangalore. He was excited to meet his son, daughter-in-law and his granddaughter. He had brought candies and gifts for his granddaughter. His plan was to spend some quality time with his son’s family in Bangalore. The son and daughter-in-law welcomed him with open arms. Granddaughter was over the moon to be with him. They were totally spending quality time with each other, when suddenly, he started sweating profusely and breathing heavily. The panicked son immediately called the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. Once admitted, the doctors checked his vitals and performed a plethora of tests confirming a heart-attack. The proposed to perform a surgery to fix the situation. The son called his brother in a different city, Mysore. The older brother advised his younger brother to fly their dad back to Mysore, so that he could get him operated by specialized doctor at a renowned hospital.

The surgery was successful. He was kept under observation for few hours. Suddenly, his vitals started fluctuating. His vital organs began to fail and stopped responding. Blood started oozing out of his eyes, nose and ears. He was put on ventilator. The doctors lost hope and asked the sons to just pray for some miracle. Finally, he breathed his last at 3am today. This is how I woke up to the sad news of my maternal uncle’s death today morning. 😦

He was a kind and compassionate soul, who was extremely friendly with all the kids. The memories of me spending time in his house, playing games like monopoly, carrom board,etc; having interesting conversations with him still flashes in front of my eyes. He was like a father figure to me. He used to be the first person to always arrive at every event at everybody’s place, having traveled for three hours from Mysore. He was well versed in Vedas, Upanishads and Indian scriptures. A very disciplined man. A loving husband, friendly dad, compassionate uncle and affectionate grandfather.

May god bless his soul and may his wonderful soul rest in peace. You will be always loved.

Life is definitely uncertain. We spend our life over trivial fights, hatred, vengeance, enmity etc, lest do we know that our survival on this earth isn’t immortal. Our death is uncertain and we don’t carry a single piece of fabric on our body when we die. So, why lead a hostile and vengeful life? Why can’t we spend our amazing life doing good things,helping people in need, while spreading joy, happiness and kindness around?


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