My Babyverse

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My daily routine is boring as well as exciting. Despite spending eight hours glued to my desk, everyday at work, performing mundane tasks, I totally enjoy the quality time that I spend with my baby for the rest of the day.

Every morning, I wake up in the wee hours like 12AM/3 AM/5 AM etc (sans the alarm clock, yes! May God bless Motherhood- an inbuilt alarm clock) to see my baby smiling in his crib beside my bed. It will be his diaper changing time and feeding time. I carefully pick him up, and plant a kiss lovingly on his cheerful face, wishing him good morning. I perform the diaper-change ritual followed by feeding, and then rock him to sleep.

After hugging and kissing him goodbye, I reach office and get submerged in my hectic work load. During lunch time, I make a conscious effort everyday to call my landline, which will be received by my MIL (who is currently catering to my baby at home), to speak to my baby and hear him coo. I sing his favorite songs like “You are my sunshine”, “Wheels on the bus” and “Three little Kittens” to hear him respond with great excitement. Then, I converse with him and he responds to my questions in his own baby language, which is delightful to hear. Everyday, I spend around 20-30 minutes in this ritual, standing in the corridor leading to a flight of stairs, receiving puzzled looks from people ascending/descending the stairs.

After reaching home in the evening, some of my favorite rituals with him include giving him a bath, his story time, tummy time and food time. I thoroughly enjoy his story-time reading his favorite books like “Peek a boo”, “Little Blue Truck”, “Dear Zoo”, “Chicka Chika Boom Boom” etc, having him seated on my lap, on the rocking chair in his room. It is great fun to watch his eyes sparkle and a huge curvy smile spread across his lips, when he looks at colorful pictures in the books and hears me read. Tummy time is another well spent time with him where I place him on his tummy on a flat ground, sit in front of him at his eye level, encouraging him to raise his head, grab his toys and to crawl forward. He recently started eating solid food, so one of the best rituals at night is having him seated on his high chair beside our dinner table,and feed him freshly prepared purees, whilst reciting stories and singing his favorite songs. He absolutely enjoys his delicious food and also loves having family dinner with us.

Even though these rituals look mundane to people,they totally rock my Motherhood! 🙂

This post is an entry for Daily Post’s Daily Prompt “Just Another Day”!


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