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The Heavenly Call!

Image Courtesy:searchengineland.com

Last weekend, we had the privilege of experiencing our first snowfall of 2016. Our entire place was enveloped in white sheet of 3-5 inches of snow. As I was experimenting with my Canon T4i, capturing some macro shots of frozen trees, branches, leaves, flowerbed, garden bench, in my side and front yards, suddenly I remembered that I had buried a time-capsule in my flower bed, few years ago. Currently being winter, there weren’t any plants flourishing, and it was the right opportunity to dig it up. With glove-clad hands, I pushed aside a huge heap of snow that camouflaged the flowerbed, exposing the visible layer of soil underneath. Then, I frantically began to separate the soil with my hands until I found what I was looking for. There it was! My sparkling iPhone 3GS, as new as ever. I grasped it with my soiled hands and turned it on. The battery was dead. I ran inside and fetched my iPhone charger and plugged it in, leaving it on the coffee table to charge completely.

After an hour, it was 99% charged. Suddenly, it started ringing. Curiously, I grabbed the phone and looked at the display screen. My eyes widened with bewilderment. It was a call from my FIL (Father in law) whom we lost in 2015. I was nervous to pick up the call. I pinched myself several times to confirm that it wasn’t a dream. Mustering courage, I picked up the call.

Me: Hello.

FIL: Hi Beta! How are you?

Me: I am fine Dadu. Is this for real?

FIL(Chuckles): Yes beta. It’s really me!

Me (still aghast) : How’s heaven?

FIL: How do you know that I am in heaven only?

Me: You were a very sweet, helpful and affectionate person. You will be 100% in heaven only.

FIL(laughs loudly) : Its good beta. How are you all doing?

Me: We are doing good Dadu. We all miss you terribly. We are still angry with you for abandoning us like this. You did not even give us the opportunity to be beside your bed during your last breath. P and I were all set to leave for India. We had done packing our luggage hurriedly, rescheduled our flight tickets and were ready to leave to India and be by your side. You didn’t have the patience to wait for us. You were in such a hurry to leave us.

FIL: What to do beta? Nothing was in my hands. Even I didn’t think that it would be my time to leave you all. I longed to get well and return back home, but God had other plans.

Me(sobbing): We totally miss you Dadu.

FIL: I miss you all too.

Me(amidst tears) : You wanted a grand child so desperately. You weren’t even there when I found out about my pregnancy. I had devised many creative ways to inform you and MIL about my pregnancy and you were long gone before then.

FIL: I was helpless beta. How is my grandson doing?

Me: He is doing great Dadu. Everyone says that he resembles you. He will definitely miss you in his life. It’s unfortunate that he will never get to sleep on your lap to hear stories, or build lego, or play board games, or even experience your cuddles, hugs and kisses.

FIL: I will terribly miss all those precious moments with him Beta. I am missing you all terribly. How I wish I would be able to hold him in my arms and see his gorgeous smile.


My alarm started beeping. P shook me and asked “Hey, aren’t you waking up? You are getting late for office”!

This is an entry for Indispire topic:

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings…. Complete the story! #timecapsule

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