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Yeah Write #255 – Mind your own business

She forbids me from nurturing new friendships.  Always poisons my ears with cock-and-bull stories. Is she insecure or a control freak? Why poke her nose where it doesn’t belong? She’s getting on my nerves. It’s high time she stops pushing the button.


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Three Line Tales: The Colorful Rainbow


Courtesy: Alyssa Smith

Sia woke up to the enchanting rainbow spanning across the gorgeous turquoise sky.

She turned her head towards snoring Mia, stroked her beautiful face, and kissed her luscious lips.

A rainbow had indeed changed her life.


My entry for Three Line Tales: Week Four

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Six Sentence Stories: Bondage

Ara and Alan were conjoined twins cleaved since birth.

Their parents spent an astronomical sum of money on plethora of surgeries to separate their bodies, but in vain.

Ara was more outgoing, whereas, Alan was an introvert.

Their cleaved bodies became a subject of mockery throughout their lives.

Alan was depressed and wanted to put an end to this prolonged misery.

He didn’t heed to Ara’s desperate cry for introspection, whilst falling off the cliff.


My entry for this week’s Six Sentence Story prompt – CLEAVE