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Passion for Crochet

I have a penchant for learning new things. Having successfully explored Photography, Jewelry Making, Sewing, Canvas Painting and Scrap-booking, I have a desire to learn something new this year- Crochet! Few months ago during my pregnancy, I was skimming Pinterest for some baby projects and bumped onto several crochet projects like baby booties, mittens, cap, cardigan, etc. These projects looked admirably cute. I had longed to learn crochet and do some projects for my baby-to-be. A sweet friend of mine taught me few crochet basics like chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. Initially, my fingers fumbled to hold the thread accurately between my index and middle fingers and run the hook with my right hand. The tension of the thread kept faltering. It took me numerous tries and re-tries to get the tension right and to master the ‘chain stitch’. When I tried moving to next level of practicing single crochet, I lost patience and interest and had completely abandoned my crochet venture.

Recently, my mother-in-law was introduced to crochet by my same friend. She mastered the basic crochet stitches with great ease. I even took her to Michaels and bought her the yarn in desired color along with several sizes of hooks. I even showed her how to surf YouTube and learn crochet by watching crochet videos. She watched them with great patience and completed her first small projects like three petal flower, a bow and a rose. I was really impressed by her determination and her persistent effort to learn something on her own. This inspired me to learn crochet too. I am planning to gather all the scattered bits of my patience, confidence, determination and interest to pursue crochet this year.

Sharing some projects done by my MIL 🙂




6 thoughts on “Passion for Crochet

    1. Thank you! Wow!! 32 years? That’s awesome! I am sure you know crochet like the back of your hand.
      Yes, it is relaxing- because my friend is hooked onto it.
      I need little more patience😀

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      1. You are welcome 🙂 There are still some techniques that I have mastered and just don’t have time to learn. It does require some patience at first, but you will be a pro in no time 🙂


  1. Your MIL is talented. I can crochet, but I can only do a stitch back and forth. I don’t know how to read a pattern or make any cool shapes. Oh, except socks. I used to know how to make socks which are actually a really simple shape.


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